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FLJ. Fun Learn Japanese
Tae Kunisawa/mailing address: 103, 10728 80 Ave. Edmonton, AB T6E 1V8  Canada /Phone: 780-434-8201 / Fax: 780-434-8201
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Gesture Imitation
Novel Method for Language Improvement
Originator: Tae Kunisawa

What is the Gesture Imitation?
click to learn how you can improve your oral proficiency in Japanese
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Puppet Shadow Show by Tae Kunisawa and Japanese students
   The Little Inch Pic by Ono, Yutaka
(Japanese, English, Structures, Practices, Sound, and Anime)
 Urashima, Taro (Japanese, English, Structures, Practices, and Anime) If you would like to work on a puppet shadow show, please contact me.

***LINK  (Japanese)
1. Why have three hundred years passed?
2. How NIHONSHOKI, MANYOO-SHUU, and OTOGIZOOSHI describe the story. 
2.hometown of Urashima, Taro
***Learn more about Urashima, Taro(Japanese and English)
1.  Where was Horai Mountain (The paradise to be alive forever)?
2.  Who was Urashima, Taro?
3.  Why did Otohime-sama give Tamatebako to Urashima, Taro?
4.  How did Dazai, Osamu think about "Urashima, Taro"?
5.  Mr. Urashima appears on "Manyooshoo."
6.  Mr. Urashima in "Kusazoshi."

 Pic by Ikehara,Tuneo,   The Tale of The Bamboo Cutter,Research Paper


The Puppet Shadow Show Schedule
3/12/2000--"Asian Puppet Shadow Theater
                 Urashima, Taro"-
     Japanese Anime Convention 
3/30/1999--"The Little Inch"--North Carolina Central University
Another interesting story
English Japanese
which American students created, discussing "Tales of Temba", an African story and "Tom Thumb," an Western story

March/1998--"The Peach Boy
Broughton High School 
Carnage Middle School
April/1997--"The Journey to the West
Broughton High School 
Carnage Middle School
March/1996-"The Peach Boy
Broughton High School 
Carnage Middle School
March/1995-"The Tale of The Bamboo Cutter
Broughton High School 
Carnage Middle School
March/ 1994-"The Crane that Returned the Favor
Broughton High School 
Carnage Middle School


For Japanese Students and teachers(Link)
Challenge:  You can type documents in Japanese and  get English translation Hiragana Practice 
1. hiragana with stroke order and directions; however no sound
2.hiragana with stroke order, directions and sounds; however the site has a problem
3. This site is for just around 10 characters.
**How to get Japanese Free software for PC
1.e-mail and web sites in Japanese
2.Japanese Language software
3. 60 days trial and works to make your homepage in Japanese.
Reading: just run your mouse on Japanese or English sentences, then you will get meanings!!
Good sites for eCard in Japanese Listening
How to organize your homepage to get a counter for your visitors
Teaching material: audiovisual database
Online camera:you can view pictures from all the world (Japanese)

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